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Anything Counts as Water | LEM

Theme at LEM is "Anything".
I have decided to go with a water shot, well more like water bottle.
A Long car ride/water bottle/ and what seemed to be an endless road gave me this:
Pretty Simple but I Love it!

Cowboy Up | Macro Friday 46

So on our trip home we stopped by this resturant we always pass.
Located on the side of I-40 in Texas. Not sure if any of you heard of it but
THE BIG TEXAN. Is where we stopped.
I took advantage of the hot sauces and started snappin' away. They were the most unique and very funny in a cute way things I have seen in a hot sauce.
Now you be the judge and wonder if you think the same hehe
I apologize now if any of you are offended by it.

Hope you Have an AWESOME Weekend :)

Touch Of Spring

Theme Thursday is Touch Of Spring over at:

Here is my pretty flower.
I wish this spring weather would stay and not go. I Love Spring weather. I am not a BIG fan of heatwaves.
Happy Thursday!

It's my First Link Up Over at Pink Thoughts for Pink Fridays. I Know I am a day early but I can't help not entering this beautiful PINK Awesomeness :)

{Fun} with Hockey

This is two posts in one. Haven't done that since I started this blog. Which is nice actually. It also challenges me if I do seperate ones. That's A-Okay since I am jumping back into the flow of things.

Last night we got tickets to go to a NHL Hockey Game. It was our very first hockey game, Very Exciting!
We were at the very top nosebleeds section. It was awesome, I didn't mind being wayy at the top. Heard horror stories of flying pucks into the crowds. Eeekk! My kids had a blast with the music they had blasting away in between.


Whoa! It's been way too long!

Oh how I have missed the blogging world and sharing my stories through pictures!
It's good to be back.

On a Sadder Note,
We recently went home to New Mexico due to a Sudden Death in the Family. It was such a hectic and gloomy day when we heard the news. We decided to drive home, which was our best option. It was wayyyyyyyyyy cheaper than flying four people home.

May Grandma Rosie Rest In Peace.
We Love You!