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Macro Friday errrr Saturday!

My Macro Friday Submission is Late. Hectic Day yesterday.
Hopefully by the time I am doing all this the linky will still be open. Who knows with my luck it'll be closed by the time I'm done. Still giving it a shot. 

I don't know why it uploaded this way. Still it looks cooler :] hehe
This is my son's Happy Meal Toy

See it now?

The Trio | Embrace the Camera

It's great to have my kids home with me during the day. Yaya has been out of school on break. It's more hectic that the mellow 3 year old during the day. But put those two together and it's utter choas. No complaints here, which is why this photo's are so fun for us.


Thirsty Tuesday

Today's Theme is Beverage over at Simplicity
No really a coffee person but I will not say no to some Iced Tea. I don't go very often so it's totally bliss when I do have some.
Makin' ya thirsty?

Strolling The Streets | DC Family Trip

Day 02: Museum and Strolling The DC Streets
We woke up to some sunshine which was great! Until we stepped out and it was blowing! Big Bummer, Son was already coughing. That didn't stop him though. We headed over to the Natural History Museum. We always go there when we visit DC and it seems to never get old. Yaya Love that place to pieces.

This was all made out of Yarn. Crocheted to be exact.

My husband is so goofy :)

What he would have looked like as a "Pre-Human"

Dino Timeline

Yaya happy as can be

Phot was Taken my the Mr

Hold Your Horses, Sunburts!

This week's theme at iHeartfaces was Sun Flares.

I Know it's not much of a Sunburts but it's just enough for me with this image. Photo was taken in Washington, DC last week while we visited my brother.

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Eerie Macro Monday

My Macro Monday literally sends chills down my spine.
Although I love the shot I hope not many of you will get freaked out.

Texture Monday

Last Week My Family and I took a short trip to DC. We explored a bit and I loved snappin' so many photos. I am thrilled that one of my photos from the trip will qualify as a entry for this week's challenge. A ceiling shot from a Muesuem.

Medievil Times | Family Trip

Our Little DC Trip March 2011

The business part of our Trip was done. The Best Part began. My Brother lives in DC so we had a great time hanging out. I was raining so we decided to head over to Medievil Times. A Knight Show that comes with a meal. You were only allowed to eat with your hands, which make you take silverware for granted when you want to use it. It was a pretty cool experience though. We received a 4 Course meal, which was very delicious. The Show itself was great! You get your own knight you cheer for through fights and various challenges. At the end of the show you were able to get their autographs and Yaya was able to take a photo with one. We all had a great time and spent a great time with awesome friends, and family.