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My Spiderman | LEM Photo Challenge

Something Jr looks forward to everyday is CrossFit Kids. If you want to check it out and what's all about. Click Here. The kids love it. Yaya wants to play sports. She is in a boxing class which she loves. As for Jr, just running around and a doing a portion of the class is a start. He Loves taking a piece of home with him everytime. Here he is as spiderman. Spiderman does CrossFit Too!

Tangled Necklace | Macro Friday

Oh do my kids love playing with the few pieces of jewlery that I have.
Didn't surprise me to find one of them all tangled up in a big chuck.

Pink Flower Bud | You Capture!

As my kids were getting all chalked up with Sidewalk chalk. I took a few minutes to capture this pretty little flower bud that was peeking out. All the others were just ready to make thier debut as well.

Sign-age | Theme Thursday

No Shoes on the Mat!
Typical sign at CrossFit. It's Not Foreign to my family and I. Especially my kids when they work out on the mat as part of CrossFit Kids.

Silly Bookworms | Happy Monday

Getting thier Nighty reading on. Sibling is the Theme Over at Happy Monday
Hope you all have a Great week!

Slice of Pie | Macro Monday

All the yummy-ness in a Slice of Pie.
It's so bad for you but it's sooo good.
Linkin' Up at Lisa Chao's Macro Monday