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Krispy Macro Kreme

We visited Krispy Kreme while we were down in SC. It was so yummy but haven't had anything that sweet in a very long time. I got a headache from it. I did not regret one bite of it though haha.

Photo Barf: Super Spartan 2011

We attended the Super Sparatan Carolinas 2011 this past weekend.  Check it out if you would like to know what it's all about here. Very Similiar to the Rugged Maniac that we attended last month. Only it was 8 miles instead of 3 this time. It was very hot but we all enjoyed ourselves very much. Sadly my husband had twisted his knee 3 miles into the thing. I couldn't even imagine the 5 miles of pain he went through, but he finished. I am very proud of him! Yaya did the kids course she did awesome and got a cool medal at the end. She was very sad that her dad missed it. The kids race started an hour early and my husband was still in the race. I really enjoy taking photos of these events.  I cannot wait for the next one. Who knows you may see me in the next one :)
He let her draw his number on his forehead. Brave Guy!
Trophies for the Super Spartans!
We Left our Mark on the WALL OF VALOR
Jr trying to be like his sister :)
Yaya get ready.

Whoa! It's been way too long!

Whoa! I haven been missing all my weekly and daily Photo Challenges. I miss it so much. Things have been so hectic here on my end. It seems like the minute I sit down, it's time to get up and go. Yaya has been out of school for awhile for summer. Pretty soon it'll be time for school again. I love having her home with me. She is growing up way to fast for me. Jr loves it as well. Work has been a little more busier than usual, which is good. I hope to jump back onto the band wagon soon and start submitting again.
Until next time
Hope everyone is well

Dried Up Sunflower | Simplicity

This was taken with my iPhone 4 at a local aboretum.

Most Beer | Macro Monday

During my brother's recent visit. We took him to a local pub called the Flying Saucer. It's my husband Favorite place. If you love beer you need to check and see if you have one in your area.

Linkin up at Lisa's Chaos

Low Angle | 30 Day Challenge

I so missed yesterday's entry for the 30 Day Challenge. So onto today's Topic which is:
Low Angle.
Jr is soooo in Love with Yo Gabba Gabba! He sure does show it with pride.
Yay! I Love the new Button!

Choppers and Paratroopers

Finally getting around to posting our Army Family Outing a couple days ago. It was a very hot day. The kiddies were able to get in a couple of helicopter and play around for a bit. I was able to shot a gun, which was controlled by a laser, no live rounds. The demo's were quite awesome. Big Airplanes dropped out a couple humvee's and the most exciting was seeing the Paratroopers fill the sky.

Army Green | 30 Day Challenge

It's day 03 of the 30 Day Challenge. Theme is Green
I really need to post our Family Fun Photo from our recent Army Family Excursion. That's where this photo comes from. It was the biggest tent I had ever seen. This was the pole holding it up. I thought it was the most coolest thing ever. Added a couple extra photos.

Clouds | 30 Day Challenge

Today's Theme for the 30 day Challenge is : Clouds!
This was taken last week at a Army Family Outing. A Chopper in the sky.

Sweet Shirley Temple | Macro Friday

Sweet Shirley Temple in a Bottle that is.
We got this at the Farmer's Market. Of Course I needed to take a picture of it

Clothing | 30 Day Challenge

Day: 02
What I wore today
Shirt: Pink by Victoria's Secret
Capri's: Smitten by Jessica Sarah Parker
Flip Flops: Roxy
It's day 02 of the 30 Day Challenge over at White Peach Photography

Another Selfie | 30 Day Challenge

Day 01:
Self Portrait
I came across this Challege that I came across while reading up on Fat Mum Slim's Blog. It's a 30 Day Challege hosted by White Peach Photography. You can find more details about it here

Tree | Shutter Love Tuesday

"Grow and Evolve"

Sweet Horsey | Macro Monday

Jr's toy horsey makes a debut

Selfie Love | The Paper Mama

I May Not Be P_E_R_F_E_C_T:
 but parts of me are pretty AWESOME!
This is Probably my first entry to The Paper Mama! I secrectly stalk her blog all the time. I have been wanting to enter for quite some time, but never have had the time (due to work), and when I do it's too late to link up. So happy I can finally do so.
The Paper Mama