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Pine Cone Flower | Macro Friday

So many Pine Cones were in our driveway.
This shot was my favorite because it looked like a Flower.

Frankie's sounds Good! | Embrace the Camera

We went to Frankie's a Couple days ago! A Miniature Golf Course. And Amazing yet pricey arcade games. We had a Great time. Although I am not great at the whole mini golf thing, I had fun snappin' away.

She was sooo happy she won!

Spring | You Capture

Beautiful Flower while on our Family Outing at a Miniture Golf Course
: )

BLUE Skies Wacky Lights | Shutter Love Tuesdays

I really love how this came out. I know it's a little wonky. The lights stand out great against the awesome sunset.

Girls Can throw a mean punch | Happy Monday

Yaya practicing her punches during the boxing lesson.
Sports over at:

Frightful Tornado's=No Power

Never had I experienced a Tornado until this past Saturday! My family and I are all okay, but the devestation leaves me speechless. I am still in a state of shock as cleaning crews are fixing power lines, taking trees off the road, and just trying to go back to normal. We were out of power until this evening. Sad to say others in surrounding areas have half of a home, homes smashed by trees, or no home at all. Many were injured and some lost loved ones.

These are photo's I was able to get. I was more in shock and saddend seeing the devistation, I wasn't able to get more. Here is a little article.