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Choppers and Paratroopers

Finally getting around to posting our Army Family Outing a couple days ago. It was a very hot day. The kiddies were able to get in a couple of helicopter and play around for a bit. I was able to shot a gun, which was controlled by a laser, no live rounds. The demo's were quite awesome. Big Airplanes dropped out a couple humvee's and the most exciting was seeing the Paratroopers fill the sky.

Army Green | 30 Day Challenge

It's day 03 of the 30 Day Challenge. Theme is Green
I really need to post our Family Fun Photo from our recent Army Family Excursion. That's where this photo comes from. It was the biggest tent I had ever seen. This was the pole holding it up. I thought it was the most coolest thing ever. Added a couple extra photos.

Clouds | 30 Day Challenge

Today's Theme for the 30 day Challenge is : Clouds!
This was taken last week at a Army Family Outing. A Chopper in the sky.

Sweet Shirley Temple | Macro Friday

Sweet Shirley Temple in a Bottle that is.
We got this at the Farmer's Market. Of Course I needed to take a picture of it

Clothing | 30 Day Challenge

Day: 02
What I wore today
Shirt: Pink by Victoria's Secret
Capri's: Smitten by Jessica Sarah Parker
Flip Flops: Roxy
It's day 02 of the 30 Day Challenge over at White Peach Photography

Another Selfie | 30 Day Challenge

Day 01:
Self Portrait
I came across this Challege that I came across while reading up on Fat Mum Slim's Blog. It's a 30 Day Challege hosted by White Peach Photography. You can find more details about it here

Tree | Shutter Love Tuesday

"Grow and Evolve"

Sweet Horsey | Macro Monday

Jr's toy horsey makes a debut

Selfie Love | The Paper Mama

I May Not Be P_E_R_F_E_C_T:
 but parts of me are pretty AWESOME!
This is Probably my first entry to The Paper Mama! I secrectly stalk her blog all the time. I have been wanting to enter for quite some time, but never have had the time (due to work), and when I do it's too late to link up. So happy I can finally do so.
The Paper Mama