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It's Woody! | Fabulous Friday

Jr found his Woody Costume from Halloween and wanted to wear it for dayyyyys. I didn't mind he was the happiest little boy in the world and he just looked so darn cute. He did everything in it, even went to CrossFit in it. Pretty impressive for little man going to gym like that.

The Theme at Simplicity is: Sleeping

Green Strawberry | Macro Friday

Last Saturday we celebreated Mother's Day early. We headed to a Strawberry Patch, which is where my Macro comes from.

Well That Blows.....

Today I am linking up at a new Photo Challenge I recently found but never was able to get to enter. She usally doesn't post the theme until the day. It usually harder for me because by the time I get it uploaded and posted it's too late. :) But Finally I get one in there
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With Blogger having it's issues. My last post was deleted and not restored. Boo! My post was ready to go and just needed to be linked up to my daily photo challenges. Well for Thursday anyway. Looks like many were affected because I don't see certain ones. So I will repost when I get a chance.
Until then have a GREAT Weekend.

My Mama's Day 2011

My Mother's Day was celebrated a day early. We Did our usual. Headed to Crossfit for a workout. Then we went STRAWBERRY PICKING and ate lunch afterwards. It was short but I loved being with the ones I love most. I was surprised with beautiful flower and breakfast in the morning before I headed for a 10 hour shift that day, which is why we celebrated a day early.

Mama Day Flower's | Shutter Love Tuesday

My Mother's Day was a very short one. Sadly, I had to work a double that day. I was such in a bad mood, I would have rather be home with My Lovies. I stuck it out but got some Beautiful Flowers, Breakfast, and A W E S O M E cards! The day before we went strawberry picking for Mother's day, but work didn't allow me to enjoy my day because they called me in early.  I am truly blessed! My kids are so amazing and my husband, couldn't be anything without them!
This Card Read:
Happy Mother's Day to a Mother/Wife who gives me love, emotional support and MOST importantly:
More of My Mother's Day will be Posted soon.

Macro Froggy | Happy Macro Monday

Little Green Froggy was not Camera Shy
Linking Up at Lisa Chaos &