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Memorial Day Never Forget

I Thank God For My life, for the Star and Stripes. May Freedom forever fly, let it ring. Salute the ones that died, and the ones that gave thier lives. So we don't have to sacrifice all the things we love. - Zac Brown Band
What is Memorial Day Weekend? For most of you, it is simply 3 days off work. For others, it is a whole lot of savings at department stores nationwide. But for most of US, it is a day to remember our fallen troops that have fought in battles WORLDWIDE. Please remember to take a moment and say a prayer for our military, & their families. Someone not too far away is missing theirs. Also take a moment of silence for those brave men and women who gave their lives so that we can be free. May God bless our military at home and away.

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Finally Catching up on some Photo Submissions. I have so much to share but so little time.

You're Beautiful | LEM, YouCapture!

Couple days ago, we busted out the chalk, went outside and enjoyed my day off as well as the beautiful sunset. And Of Course a little photo op.

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A Quick one before work

Photo Barf: Rugged Maniac 2011

We took a trip up to Richmond, Virginia last weekend. My husband and kids all were Maniac's, Rugged Maniac's that is. My husband did a 5k Obstacle Race all in Mud. My Kiddies did the kids course. Yaya sure wanted to join her daddy and doing the 5k. Despite the weather being so muggy and hot, I had a blast. All my babies passed out on the way home.
Duct Tape on the shoes so they won't get stuck in the mud
I Love this shot :)
Takin' on the Tires
And they are off!