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Barbie Gets Dirty | Pink Friday's

Barbie in the Sandbox shows how fierce she is and isn't afraid to get dirty.
Not by choice, of course!

Huck The Buck | Macro Friday 47

Huck The Buck. Long Story on the Nickname.
This is a text message between me and my dearest husband. It's very cute and funny to me. Funny because if any of you have an iphone or any smart phone that likes to auto correct itself to a whole different word than what you wanted or meant, I'm sure you understand. hahaha
Hope y'all have an Fabulous Friday!!!

Momma and His Boy | Embrace the Camera

Today's Photo comes to you from Crossfit Kids. My Children attend this awesome workout class everyday. Jr doesn't have the attention span like the older kids do, but I do appreciate the fact that he tries. Being that he is the youngest one that attends, he stopped out of his busy session to get a quick snap of us. And I mean quick haha.

{Whoa! That Uploaded weird, It's a good thing I captured this in a wonky position}
There he is, hard at work. Promoting himself to do whatever exercise he wants haha

Hummingbird Smile | You Capture/LEM Texture

This past weekend we got invited to a family event. Yaya and I were the only two that were able to make it. We still had a blast, especially with all the Face Painting, Awesome Turtles, Firetrucks, and Crafts. We still wished our boys were there with us. Yaya decided to get a Hummingbird painted on her face. It came out beautifully. She was so sad when it came for a shower that night.
Check This Big Fella Out


Getting Around.....

.....Transportation that is!
I intenationally tried to take this photo without the truck but I love how it turned out.
Especially with the Thursday's Theme at Another Day Another Diaper

A Little Tune.

Too Stinkin' Cute!

Digi Camo and Boots | Macro Monday

This photo was taken last week through the whole congress budget mayhem and I knew it was perfect for today's entry.