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Christmas Red | Twisted Fate

Linking Up over at Twisted Fate Photography. Theme is RED
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Can't understand why my photo keeps uploading vertically. Any idea how I can rotate? Well I am still posting.

Brobee Green | LEM

Jr instantly fell in love with this shirt and we simply had to get it. I couldn't agree more with him. He is so much in love with the show Yo Gabba Gabba! That air's on Nick Jr. Of Course his favorite character is Brobee, all while he was acting like spiderman and batman. It was a perfect fit for him and simply had posted and affiliated with the them at LEM!

Its a Deal with Teal | Macro Friday

Pretty Ring we found for a dollar at the mall. She loves accessories. I wouldn't mind buying them for her, but I always find them on the floor. So this one was given a free pass, only because I used it for a photo op. Works out!


Mama Love | Kind Collective

I have followed Kind Over Matter for quite some time. Silently being a stalker of that site. It truly is an inspiration, and always posts awesome links, art, and projects. More exciting that they have started a photo challenge that will be every Thursday! These week's theme is Mama Love. So here I go:
This was me and my mom last summer. When she visted, we headed to the beach. We collected so many seashells. I miss her sooo much! Can't wait to see her again this summer!

Happy Feet | Simpilicty

I had posted this photo Last Monday, but I can't help but to not post it again for Similicity's Photo Challenge. I do admit life has been a little hectic, I had taken other feet pictures but they just don't measure up to this one. Love it!

Topped with a Cherry | Theme Thursday

Yummy Cream Puffs! Oh these are like a party in your mouth! My Mother-in-law is responsible for this delicious-ness. 
I have tried to make them using her recipe, and they don't compare! Can't wait until this summer.

Ahhh, Lovers! | Embrace the Camera

Rarely do we get pictures like this. My Husband dressed in his Class A's, which is why it is so worth posting! So thankful for the Ceremony that took place this past week.  I Truely Love this man to death. Love that he is getting more comfortable in front of the camera for photo ops like these. So irreplaceable.My kiddies will never have to worry about having few photo's of us, thier parentals. And I am VERY Proud to say that: I am an Military Wife!

Beautiful Southwest | You Capture!

New Mexico Scenery
I sure do miss it. Can't wait to see this again with amazing sunsets, beautiful skies, and wide open spaces. Not something we get here in the City Limits everyday.

Pure Strength | Shutter Love

Yay! I love this theme!
We have been going to a CrossFit Gym these last couple months. Seeing that we go everyday, I constantly take pictures there. I love it when my husband is able to go with us while the kids do CrossFit Kids. He hates that I make him pose for me in the gym, but I am glad I am able to use these photos for a challenge.
So onto it, Here is my husband doing what he does. He truly is an inspiration.

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