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Snapping Macro | Week 42

It's Macro Friday over at Blogging From Bolivia.

My photo is of my curling iron. Yeah, it lights up. Neat huh?
 It's been awhile since I've actually took time to cury my hair. I usually just through my hair in a ponytail or a mess bun. I love curling my hair but it's so time consuming and usually comes out too curly or not curly enough. Maybe I should invest in some rollers? hmmmm?

On the Street!

Street Scene is This week's Theme at Twisted Fate Photography
I have stumbled upon this photo challenge a little late but I am very happy I have myself a street photo that is fairly recent.

We took a pleasure/business trip into DC this weekend. It was probably the best weekend in awhile. Seeing that I work weekends at a local Pub/Bar. So It was great to spend time with my husband and kids. Street photos are like an adreneline rush. It is so fast paced that I was hoping I got atleast one good shot. For the sake of the picture, I wish the cross walk timer was a little longer. I got quite a few but I will post those later on with the rest of my trip photos, which is soon (I hope) lol


Here is another shoot that I also loved.

Why Yes, Body Parts!

Yes! The breaking of a new blog. Going to start it off with You Capture Photo Challenge.  Theme is Body Parts, nothing better than to show off my silly little boy as we wait for Daddy. This guy is nothing but silly faces, can't wait to see what they next face will be.


Yet again, A New Blog

The Title says it all! I have made personal blogs in the past but never really did anything with it, never really kept up. Pretty much, used facebook for all that. Status Updates were good enough then. Now it's different. I am wanting a more different approch with sharing my photographs and family stories here. It's a must!

And so I begin...........