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Photo Barf: Super Spartan 2011

We attended the Super Sparatan Carolinas 2011 this past weekend.  Check it out if you would like to know what it's all about here. Very Similiar to the Rugged Maniac that we attended last month. Only it was 8 miles instead of 3 this time. It was very hot but we all enjoyed ourselves very much. Sadly my husband had twisted his knee 3 miles into the thing. I couldn't even imagine the 5 miles of pain he went through, but he finished. I am very proud of him! Yaya did the kids course she did awesome and got a cool medal at the end. She was very sad that her dad missed it. The kids race started an hour early and my husband was still in the race. I really enjoy taking photos of these events.  I cannot wait for the next one. Who knows you may see me in the next one :)
He let her draw his number on his forehead. Brave Guy!
Trophies for the Super Spartans!
We Left our Mark on the WALL OF VALOR
Jr trying to be like his sister :)
Yaya get ready.


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