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Medievil Times | Family Trip

Our Little DC Trip March 2011

The business part of our Trip was done. The Best Part began. My Brother lives in DC so we had a great time hanging out. I was raining so we decided to head over to Medievil Times. A Knight Show that comes with a meal. You were only allowed to eat with your hands, which make you take silverware for granted when you want to use it. It was a pretty cool experience though. We received a 4 Course meal, which was very delicious. The Show itself was great! You get your own knight you cheer for through fights and various challenges. At the end of the show you were able to get their autographs and Yaya was able to take a photo with one. We all had a great time and spent a great time with awesome friends, and family.


Candace McClintick said...

i love the rain shot very nice

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