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Huck The Buck | Macro Friday 47

Huck The Buck. Long Story on the Nickname.
This is a text message between me and my dearest husband. It's very cute and funny to me. Funny because if any of you have an iphone or any smart phone that likes to auto correct itself to a whole different word than what you wanted or meant, I'm sure you understand. hahaha
Hope y'all have an Fabulous Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

HahaI I had a text from a friend that read "Bring a slave & a bottle" and it should have said "Bring a plate & a bottle"! Great photo!

Shannan said...

OMG! That's is hilarious! Even funnier to explain yourself when it's the phones' doing haha

Nicole said...

I'm apparently not "up" on the texting lingo. It took a moment to know what ily meant. Haha. Great macro and yes, I've been there. Love the auto corrector.

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