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Mama Love | Kind Collective

I have followed Kind Over Matter for quite some time. Silently being a stalker of that site. It truly is an inspiration, and always posts awesome links, art, and projects. More exciting that they have started a photo challenge that will be every Thursday! These week's theme is Mama Love. So here I go:
This was me and my mom last summer. When she visted, we headed to the beach. We collected so many seashells. I miss her sooo much! Can't wait to see her again this summer!


amanda said...

Aw!! You two are gorgeous & look so happy! Thank you so much for submitting! (& your kind words, they mean so much!)


Nathalie said...

Beautiful! I too am a stalker of KOM and am happy to come our of the shadows to participate in this new project! Looking forward to see your interpretation next week :D

Kathleen said...

You and your mom are beautiful! Is it weird if I kind of want to give you both a hug? Because I do. <3

Shannan said...

Thank you ladies!
haha Kathleen no you are not wierd. You're a hugger too, like I am. So you will not be labeled as wierd :)

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