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Sweet Doooonuts

I Know, I know I am playing catch up. This submission is really late. Of Course the photo is not.
Sweet is the theme at Simplicity. Oh, Donut. Makes ya want one don't it?
Son only eats the sprinkles which is what is captured here. We try to make him eat the whole thing and not just the sprinkles but that always fails.

Oh and even better my photo from last week's photo was picked as the TOP 5!
AMAZING!! I was very excited.
 The other Beverage Photo's were all stunning. Very Honored to be part.


Faith said...

ha!! love this shot. my son does the same thing - eats just the sprinkles off of the top. He usually has a sister (or two) who are more than willing to finish it for him!

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness. What a delicious shot! I love the color too!

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