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You Capture, Youth: Mario Lopez Style

We had a great oppurtunity to attend to this past week. Not does it only involve YOUTH but Military YOUTH to be exact. Mario Lopez and his Sister just came out with a Children's book called "Mud Tacos". We got invited to our local Mall where he would be reading this book to the Youth. Once we arrived we were greeted by Miss North Carolina and Miss Teen North Carolina. Son was so shy but he was confortable enough to stand by yaya to get his photo.

They signed autographs while Son just played.
Yaya was proud.
My Husband and Yaya
Here he is: Mario Lopez
Here he comes. He made his entrance.
Love Yaya expression in this photo
This is what Son did the whole time haha. He wasn't interested in sitting with his sister.
Check Out Mario's Tweet here



Nicole said...

Wow. How awesome is that! Great captures.

Shannan said...

Thanks, Nicole! Probably the last time I see a celebrity that close. haha

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