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Mama Day Flower's | Shutter Love Tuesday

My Mother's Day was a very short one. Sadly, I had to work a double that day. I was such in a bad mood, I would have rather be home with My Lovies. I stuck it out but got some Beautiful Flowers, Breakfast, and A W E S O M E cards! The day before we went strawberry picking for Mother's day, but work didn't allow me to enjoy my day because they called me in early.  I am truly blessed! My kids are so amazing and my husband, couldn't be anything without them!
This Card Read:
Happy Mother's Day to a Mother/Wife who gives me love, emotional support and MOST importantly:
More of My Mother's Day will be Posted soon.


Jessaca said...

LOVE that first photo!! Clean underpants always a must lol!!
Happy to read you had a great mothers day dispite working a double!!
Enjoy your day!!

{Liz} said...

love the photos.happy late mothers day sadly to hear you had to work.

leigh said...

Love the Spongebob Card!

I wanted to let you know about The 52 Weeks of Happiness Project going on over at my blog every Tuesday. Please join me in my quest to scout out happiness for a whole year. Simply post a photo of something that makes you wildly happy and tell us all about it. Here is a link to last week’s carnival if you want to see what it is all about.


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