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Well That Blows.....

Today I am linking up at a new Photo Challenge I recently found but never was able to get to enter. She usally doesn't post the theme until the day. It usually harder for me because by the time I get it uploaded and posted it's too late. :) But Finally I get one in there
(Couldn't copy the code)

With Blogger having it's issues. My last post was deleted and not restored. Boo! My post was ready to go and just needed to be linked up to my daily photo challenges. Well for Thursday anyway. Looks like many were affected because I don't see certain ones. So I will repost when I get a chance.
Until then have a GREAT Weekend.


Melissa said...

Oh wow-- what an awesome picture! The bubbles AND the cute expression on his face! Thanks for linking up-- love having a new face around Capture the Everyday! BTW, next Thursday's assignment is at the end of this post:


I try to do it a week in advance because we are busy busy people aren't we!

Melissa from adventuroo.com

Alissa said...

Love the bubbles. He's obviously quite the pro.

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